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About Bear Hut Brownies


Bear Hut Brownies was built from a love of baking, Brownies and all things chocolate!
We have always loved baking and cooking and Brownies are always my favourite to bake and absolute favourite to eat! I always thought about starting up a little baking business, daydreaming about what it would be like, but I was always too scared or told myself I didn't have enough time etc...
In early 2020, I started to think about how I would actually do it all (never actually thinking it would be a thing - just a dream) and spent every day before and after work researching, practicing and eating brownies...the best bit! When I was put on furlough in March 2020, I volunteered at a little village hut for locals to visit where they could pick up books, jigsaws, local fresh produce and of course, brownies. People absolutely loved them and I started getting requests for orders, which was the most amazing feeling! This is where the 'Hut' in Bear Hut Brownies originated from.
In June 2020, I decided to start my business Bear Hut Brownies to see what would happen, I had absolutely no idea how it was all going to turn out and I am completely blown away by the love, support, loyalty and help that I have received every single day. This is a million times better than the daydreams I had and I feel so happy and lucky to be doing something that I love every day.
Mr Bear plays a huge part in Bear Hut Brownies, in the beginning he helped with many late nights, local deliveries and baking until he joined me full time in October 2020. I definitely couldn't do any of this without him and without him giving me the confidence and courage this wouldn't be here today. He is always so incredibly supportive and helpful. Behind the scenes he has to endure my non-stop brownie chatter (even in my sleep), my stressful rants, and occasional meltdowns! He is an absolute dream and if you haven't already met him you will no doubt see him behind the counter with me at our shop, or baking during the week. 
Thank you all so much to everyone who has followed and supported our little journey so far, we are so excited to see where this goes and to keep bringing you even more Brownies. 
We hope to see you at our new shop soon (2 Chapel Street, ST16 2BX).
Much Love,
Laura & Leo xxx